Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Miracle Mile!

I have forgiven Oregon for the rain after it gave us the Miracle Mile! I bet you can guess how long of a run it was and it was so continuous that one mile had more rapids than most multi mile runs. The whole mile is one rapid, no flat water the entire way down and you could keep going past the take out to see the same thing.
Me coming to the take out- by Ben Stanistreet

Definitely a must do run if you are anywhere near the area. The rapids mostly consist of boulder gardens with countless little ledge and hole boofs. Its a steep incline to so the mile is over in about 5 minutes. We got there later in the day and did two laps, but you definitely could get there early and run it till your arms say no more.
The Miracle Mile- by Paul Twist

Its super continuous so it would be a pain to scout any of the lines, you really wouldn't need to though unless your nervous about some pin spots and holes. Luckily for us Todd Baker and some friends met up with us and showed us down.

Sweet Creek in Florence

After a amazing time in California that made some of us not want to leave we finally made our way up into Oregon. Immediately we were greeted by the wonderful spring time weather of the Pacific north west ( rain, rain, and more rain). Luckily though for the first time since we were at the Yuba we got to stay indoors! We rented out some Yurts near the coast in Florence Oregon which was great for getting out to the beach for some surf.
LJ Groth heading out for some waves- by Susan Hollingsworth

We were only there for about three days so just either played in the ocean or went up to Sweet Creek for the afternoon. The ocean is amazing up there, you can surf the waves inside the jetty so it’s mostly fresh water but you still get the ocean waves. Also once you get in seals are popping up all around you curious to see what’s going on.
Jesse Shimrock on the Top Boof of Sweet Creek

Sweet Creek though was a very unique and fun run, instead of a run its more like a park and huck. Only about a class III creek run and about 75 yards long, but those 75 yards are non-stop boofs and slides. You hike about ¾ miles into the run and just lap the section as much as you want till your ready to head down. The top boof was one of my favorite boofs of the semester, a perfectly lip and beautiful green slot.

Paul Twist

The last day we held a adventure race down it and everyone got out there an d stomped the line. First place finished with 1 min 10 sec.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

North Fork of the Feather River

Me at the take out

It’s always great to be on the river, and the big smooth gray granite boulders of California only make it better. Slides so smooth you’d think it were just water, epic smear boofs, here the rocks flow like the river. About a week and a half ago we were at the Feather river and never had one complaint.

LJ Groth Boof'n

It’s about a three mile run and takes 30 minutes if your taking your time. A completely road side stretch which is great if any one gets hurt or your just not feeling it, but even if you weren’t feeling good id stick it out for this run.

Me Boof'n in the Channel- by Paul Twist

The whole way down you got big granite boulder gardens creating small shoots and boofs for the whole run, all the lines are easy and awesome but if its your first time down you should take somebody who knows the run because there are a lot of sivs and the line is not always clear. It’s good to go though and definitely worth hitting up if your in the area.

Me trying out the River Board

After hitting up the Kaweah to we drove into Sequoia national park and saw the worlds largest tree, General Sherman! It was fenced off but.......we had to get up close.

Sam Makman climbing the General

Friday, April 3, 2009

Picture from China

Thought it might be cool to post up some photos from China! While we were there we paddled the three parallel rivers of the Yunnan Province (the Yangtze, MeKong, and Salween. Enjoy the shots!

Great Bend of the Yangtze
Taken by Sebastian Scholl

Foot Hills of the Himalayas
Taken by Sebastian Scholl

Tiger Leaping Gorge
Taken by Sebastian Scholl

Upper Tiger Leaping Gorge
Taken by Sebastian Scholl

Hike to Tiger Leaping Gorge
Taken by Sebastian Scholl

Ben Hurd on Kim Jong Ill
Taken by Jason Cohen

Math Class at WCKA
Taken by Sebastian Scholl

Baoshon China
Taken by Sebastian Scholl

Jason and Me Amazed by the....?

Jesse Shimrock on the Salween
Taken by Sebastian Scholl

Susan Hollingsworth on the Salween
Photo by Sebastian Scholl

Yubeng China-21,000 foot peak
Photo by Sebastian Scholl

Yubeng at Night
Photo by Sebastian Scholl

Yubeng at Night with Full Moon
Photo by Sebastian Scholl

Erik Johnson in Prayer Flag Pass
Photo by Sebastian Scholl

Me on Dredger Wave
Photos by Jason Cohen

The Salween
Photo by Jason Cohen

World Class Kayak Academy
Photo by Adam Elliot

Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Days of California

Photo Taken By Paul Twist

After this past year of traveling to and paddling in Canada, the east coast, Mexico, and China/Tibet, I find myself in California with World Class Kayak Academy for our forth and final quarter of the school year. It has been close to two
weeks since we arrived in Cali and already I think it is the most beautiful place I have ever been to in the states. Between the rivers and mountains I cannot find a good reason to want to keep moving. We started off at the Kaweah river in Three Rivers and ran the sections above Hospital Rock, Hospital Rock, and a small stretch that starts right at the entrance of the Sequoia Park. The section above Hospital rock was a super fun short easy creek run. About a eight minute hike in from the lot if the road is closed and has some super fun drops like Digg’n to China. The last drop was the sickest for sure, a small turn into a 15 foot slide, to another small slide, and finish off with a boat wide shoot on the left. Screw the line up though and on the right is the biggest siv I have ever seen. One of the crews boat went through it and it took it right through like breakfast, Kristi‘s paddle is forever lost in it aswell. Also Chucks Drop is right above it and is a sick looking stout drop.

Susan Hollingsworth catching air on Digg'n to China.
Photo taken by Sebastian Scholl

Hospital Rock was probably the most fun I have ever had creeking. It was the type of run I had been waiting for all year. The perfectly smooth granite canyon walls are what make it. Going down narrow shoots with the perfectly smoothed walls beside you is what makes California creeking a must do. The water was so crystal clear that you could see straight to the bottom, I was rolling over to take drinks. Also the drops Wonder boof and 0 to 60 were super sick.

Nate Garcia on O to 6O drop
Photo by Sebastian Scholl

We had some alumni come and visit us which was super cool, Shon Bollok and Justin Patt. Both of them are super solid paddlers and great guys to chill with. Thanks to JP we are going to have a place to stay at the Yuba. These guys fired up Chucks drop with our head coach Jesse Shimrock, which was a pretty sick rapid to watch get run.

While at the Kaweah we took one day to do a little kayaking field trip and took off to the Tule river. About a hour and a half away from Three Rivers but worth the drive for sure. We had a little bit of low water so had to do some portaging but the rapids that we did get in were worth the treks for sure. Some sick slides and double drops made it a epic day on the river and it was awesome to do a whole day on the river creeking with the whole group as always.

Me on a double drop at the Tule
Photo taken by Paul Twist

We were chill’n at the Kaweah for about a week until our park pass expired, but on the last day knocked out a sick relay race with the whole WCKA crew. Up on the top section above Hospital Rock, we had teams of three ready to get the muscles burning. It started out with a runner going uphill for a little less than a mile to the put in, then tagging his team mate who would race down the creek to tag the next runner to go up. It was over after every member of the team had run once and paddled once, my team (Erik Johnson, Dave Meyers, and I) aced the race and won some sick shirts from it.

It was sad to leave the Kaweah after it treating us so greatly. The local news paper “The Kaweah Commonwealth” came and did a whole article about the WCKA for the front page and talked about how the schools works and our travels. Read it at “”. After a week though I know the runs and am stoked to go keep on moving, WCKA only keeps getting better wherever it goes, and next stop the Yuba!


Hey, my name is Sebastian Scholl and I’m a seventeen year old high school junior enrolled in World Class Kayak Academy for the year. Its been amazing having the opportunity to travel the world with my boat and paddle. I should have started this earlier, having only 6 weeks left in the school year, but better late than never!