Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Miracle Mile!

I have forgiven Oregon for the rain after it gave us the Miracle Mile! I bet you can guess how long of a run it was and it was so continuous that one mile had more rapids than most multi mile runs. The whole mile is one rapid, no flat water the entire way down and you could keep going past the take out to see the same thing.
Me coming to the take out- by Ben Stanistreet

Definitely a must do run if you are anywhere near the area. The rapids mostly consist of boulder gardens with countless little ledge and hole boofs. Its a steep incline to so the mile is over in about 5 minutes. We got there later in the day and did two laps, but you definitely could get there early and run it till your arms say no more.
The Miracle Mile- by Paul Twist

Its super continuous so it would be a pain to scout any of the lines, you really wouldn't need to though unless your nervous about some pin spots and holes. Luckily for us Todd Baker and some friends met up with us and showed us down.

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  1. Great post, Sea Bass. Glad to see your blog up and running! Great name too. I'll send you some photos of our new t-shirts.

    adam elliott