Thursday, April 16, 2009

North Fork of the Feather River

Me at the take out

It’s always great to be on the river, and the big smooth gray granite boulders of California only make it better. Slides so smooth you’d think it were just water, epic smear boofs, here the rocks flow like the river. About a week and a half ago we were at the Feather river and never had one complaint.

LJ Groth Boof'n

It’s about a three mile run and takes 30 minutes if your taking your time. A completely road side stretch which is great if any one gets hurt or your just not feeling it, but even if you weren’t feeling good id stick it out for this run.

Me Boof'n in the Channel- by Paul Twist

The whole way down you got big granite boulder gardens creating small shoots and boofs for the whole run, all the lines are easy and awesome but if its your first time down you should take somebody who knows the run because there are a lot of sivs and the line is not always clear. It’s good to go though and definitely worth hitting up if your in the area.

Me trying out the River Board

After hitting up the Kaweah to we drove into Sequoia national park and saw the worlds largest tree, General Sherman! It was fenced off but.......we had to get up close.

Sam Makman climbing the General

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