Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sweet Creek in Florence

After a amazing time in California that made some of us not want to leave we finally made our way up into Oregon. Immediately we were greeted by the wonderful spring time weather of the Pacific north west ( rain, rain, and more rain). Luckily though for the first time since we were at the Yuba we got to stay indoors! We rented out some Yurts near the coast in Florence Oregon which was great for getting out to the beach for some surf.
LJ Groth heading out for some waves- by Susan Hollingsworth

We were only there for about three days so just either played in the ocean or went up to Sweet Creek for the afternoon. The ocean is amazing up there, you can surf the waves inside the jetty so it’s mostly fresh water but you still get the ocean waves. Also once you get in seals are popping up all around you curious to see what’s going on.
Jesse Shimrock on the Top Boof of Sweet Creek

Sweet Creek though was a very unique and fun run, instead of a run its more like a park and huck. Only about a class III creek run and about 75 yards long, but those 75 yards are non-stop boofs and slides. You hike about ¾ miles into the run and just lap the section as much as you want till your ready to head down. The top boof was one of my favorite boofs of the semester, a perfectly lip and beautiful green slot.

Paul Twist

The last day we held a adventure race down it and everyone got out there an d stomped the line. First place finished with 1 min 10 sec.

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